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Language Immersion Programs

Benefits of Language Immersion
  • Students achieve dual language proficiency in English and the target language while developing high-level academic skills
  • Second-language study helps develop stronger thinking and reasoning skills which support the problem-solving necessary for academic success.
  • Students develop respect and appreciation of other cultures and experience playing and working in multicultural settings
  • Biliterate skills give students the option of future careers utilizing their bilingual skills
Language Immersion in CUSD

CUSD has promoted Language Immersion instruction since 1992 and currently offers programs in Spanish and Mandarin. The Two Way Immersion program in Spanish is offered at four elementary sites while the One Way Immersion program in Mandarin is offered at one elementary site.  Students from both programs matriculate into middle and high school programs that support them with further study in each of the target languages.

Program Goals

Program Goals

KINDERGARTEN Enrollment Procedures

Attend a mandatory Language Immersion meeting and tour

School sites host information meetings for interested parents with the purpose of providing an overview of the language immersion program and its expectations.

Complete the Language Immersion Program Application

Parents complete a paper or online Language Immersion Program Application within the application window for Language Immersion. Parents may submit only ONE application for one language immersion school.

Written Notification

Within three weeks of the closing of the application window, parents receive a written notification as to whether or not their child is accepted into the Language Immersion program.

Enrollment Packet

Once parents receive written notification of acceptance into the program, an enrollment packet is picked up at the school site. Enrollment packets must be completed and turned in to the school within the established time frame. Failure to return a completed packet within the school's timeline may result in revocation of acceptance and placement on a waiting list. 

  • For questions regarding students transferring into CUSD's LI programs from previous LI schools, call the Office of Language Acquisition at (949)234-9259.
Kindergarten Virtual Tours

2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR

Language Immersion Program

Language Immersion           Handbooks

Language Immersion Handbook English
   Language Immersion Handbook Spanish

Language Immersion Newhart Middle School
Contact Us:

Language Immersion K-5

Peggy Baerst, Executive Director, Elementary Education

Language Immersion 6-12

Meg Ervais, Executive Director, Secondary Education

Office of Language Acquisition

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Patricia Effenberger, Bilingual Staff Secretary